Google Contacts app joins the dark side for your health and device battery life

Almost any app, whether desktop or mobile, has a dark mode feature these days. Dark mode essentially makes the background of a program a dark gray or blue with the text in contrast.

Google Contacts version 3.2, the latest update, comes with a new dark mode setting. The update may not be on all devices yet. Contacts follows the Google News app redesign in October.

According to Android Authority, Contacts' dark mode will stay on if the user has... Read More »

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How Google Sidebar wants to make you more productive

After Gmail's August update, users saw a few changes to their inboxes. One of the bigger ones was the addition of Google Sidebar.

The Sidebar is similar to the Samsung Edge's ability to swipe for a drawer of your frequently used apps. The sidebar also shows up other Google productivity apps, including Docs, Sheets, and Calendar.

The new right-side panel houses Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks and offers the potential to add other apps. Taking advantage of the apps in Sidebar... Read More »

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SyncUp Drive app can track your car's location if it's stolen

Not being able to find your car in a parking lot is frustrating. Having your car towed is exasperating. But having your car stolen is terrifying.

Tiashona Sims' vehicle was stolen in Indiana while her two young cousins were still inside. Sims had left her car running while she went into the grocery store. When she came back out, the car was gone, according to News 8.

Sims called 911 and opened the SyncUp Drive app (iOS, Android)... Read More »

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Pixel 3 bug might be deleting user's text messages

Google's new Pixel 3 smartphone might have another bug. The latest tip, received by Android Police, said Pixel 3 and 3 XL users' SMS messages were vanishing.

A similar bug was affecting the camera earlier last month. Shortly after its release, Pixel users reported a bug in the camera causing some photos not to save.

Android Police speculates that the Pixel's November 5 update could be the culprit.

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Users took... Read More »

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How to turn off Google Maps' invasive location history log

Users are more sensitive to who has access to their data and for what reasons these days than in the past. And as much good as Google does, the company still tracks you.

You can't really use Google Maps (iOS, Android) without location services turned on, but you can delete out your location history and better customize your settings for added privacy.

You can see the log Google keeps of your movements in Google Maps Timeline. When you... Read More »

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'Gohenry' digital money app teaches kids about debit card responsibility

It's rare to have cash on hand these days, between debit cards, credit cards, paying via your smartphone, and bit currency. It begs the question: does the piggy bank still have a place in a kid's life?

Alex Zivoder, CEO of Gohenry, made the piggy bank digital with the app, Gohenry (iOS, Android). The app is designed to teach kids from six to 18 years-old good money habits.

Your kids can have the independence to manage their own money with... Read More »

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AliveCor's health app can take EKGs faster to diagnose heart attacks

Technology is making it easier to track your heart health. Before the Apple Watch Series 4 announced its electrocardiogram (EKG) app, mobile vendor AliveCor developed a life-changing band to work with the watch's original heart rate sensor.

The KardiaBand is an FDA-approved device that can take instant EKGs anywhere with its Bluetooth strap.

AliveCor's device, KardiaMobile, pairs with the Kardia app (iOS, Android). According to J. Brent Muhlestein, a medical doctor and cardiovascular researcher at the... Read More »

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Military community app Sandboxx helps connect soldiers with their families by modernizing snail mail

Staying in contact with family members in the armed services is important, whether they're deployed overseas or working through basic training. Waiting for the letters to arrive the old-fashioned way can be frustrating, especially when we're used to instantaneous messaging with texting and social media.

Marine Corps veterans Sam Meek and retired Maj. Gen. Ray "E-Tool" Smith developed the Sandboxx app (iOS, Android) to make communicating with family and friends of military service people.

Sandboxx adds the speed... Read More »

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Twitter might soon add an 'edit' button to fix typos in tweets

We've probably all sent a tweet with a typo or a broken link -- or we forgot the image or missed a clever hashtag. Inevitably, we either deleted the tweet and try again, or reply to ourselves with the correction. It would be easier to edit, but Twitter (iOS, Android) doesn't have the option.

At a #Powerof18, an IIT event in India about social change and democracy, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey shed some light on the subject.

"We have... Read More »

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Yahoo's 'WakingNews' app replaces wake-up alarms with news briefings

Blaring smartphone alarms don't make waking up a pleasant experience. Using a song to wake up to can make you really hate that song.

Yahoo has another option. With WakingNews, the company's new app, you can wake up to audio briefings from your favorite news sources.

WakingNews supports a variety of brands like Huffington Post, Yahoo News or other in-house sources, Engadget, and more.

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The app's... Read More »

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