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How the Listen music app for iOS works with gestures

Trying to control your music or podcast while you're cooking, exercising or driving can be frustrating and dangerous. Smart devices for your car and home are safer and easier ways to achieve hands-free control over what you're listening to, but not everyone can afford them.

Whether you don't want to stop your jumping jacks to swap playlists or you want a more minimalist music display, Listen: The Gesture Music Player app could what you need.

Listen runs on iPhone and iPad. The... Read More »

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CES 2019: 10 new ways to use your Google Assistant

Google Assistant was big news at CES 2019, with Google announcing its digital assistant would be of more help everywhere in 2019, from your home to your car and of course on your phone.

At the annual electronics show, the search giant also unveiled Assistant partnerships with Samsung, Lenovo and McAfee and announced that Assistant would be available on one billion devices by the end of this month.

Here are 10 ways to take advantage of the digital-assistant improvements and... Read More »

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CES 2019: Interactive VR exhibit encourages diversity and inclusion by addressing unconscious bias

CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion is taking an interactive exhibit across the country to examine people's "blind spots," or unconscious biases in everyday life.

Unconscious biases are automatic, learned, unintentional yet deeply ingrained stereotypes that can affect our behavior.

The Check Your Blind Spots mobile tour is making a stop at CES 2019 to shed light on how these biases can narrow a person's vision. The exhibit approaches the topic using popular technology like virtual reality (VR) and... Read More »

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Self-care in 2019: 10 apps to help you do better

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can often leave little time to recuperate before returning to your daily routine to start a new year. Along with resolutions like getting in better shape and starting new hobbies, many people hope to focus on better self care.

Check out these apps to help you put your mental and physical health first in 2019.

1. Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud (download for iOS) is an easy way to make sure you're taking care... Read More »

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How the 'iShallBe' app can motivate you with daily affirmations

Regardless of whether you made a new year's resolution or not, positivity can be a big factor in having a good year or reaching your goals.

Shelby Tinsley, a graduate of Florida A&M, developed the iShallBe app (download for iOS or Android) to give users a daily motivational boost. After you sign up and build a profile, the app will start sending inspirational quotes, videos, music and affirmations once a day.

"iShallBe was created with the strong desire to... Read More »

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Keep your 2019 New Year's Resolutions on track with these apps

People often look at a new year as a chance to improve themselves, make smarter choices, and put their life on a better course. Unfortunately, most "New Year's Resolutions" fail fast -- 80% are abandoned by the second week of February.

While the jury is out on how long it truly takes to form a habit, New Year's remains the time when a lot of people have the will to make changes in their lives.

Below are apps that can... Read More »

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WhatsApp, Netflix, Spotify headline most-downloaded apps of 2018

This week, Apptopia released its list of the most-downloaded apps of 2018 in music, gaming, dating, travel, and more, first reported by Forbes. The apps that landed the top spots may not surprise you.

"Across the board in shopping, food and drink, music, dating, social, entertainment, and games, it's clear that the modern mobile consumer wants what she wants instantly, delivered when and where convenient," Gadi Eliashiv, CEO of marketing intelligence startup Singular, told Forbes.

The top apps are as... Read More »

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How WhatsApp is empowering Nigerian women

Though smartphone users in the US do install apps designed to improve their lives, often the apps they have on their phones are intended for entertainment. With our focus on amusement, it can be easy to forget that in lesser developed countries technology can give people the tools to materially improve their lives and even survive.

With 4G networks coming to developing countries in just the last few the last few years, countries like India and Africa have found ways to... Read More »

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How to donate to a charity in the Google Play Store

Google is teaming up with a group of nonprofit organizations to help you make donations through the Google Play Store during the holiday giving season.

The portal is currently listed as "Coming soon to Play."

"We're inspired by the many ways that the Play community shares resources, supports each other and creates positive change," Google said in a blog post. "We hope this update offers a way to help other communities outside of our own in need."

SEE: 6 ways to give to charity without even trying

Here's... Read More »

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New AR app lets you control Apple HomeKit devices by pointing your phone at them

Smart home devices and apps have tried to simplify our lives--and sometimes they even succeed. Using voice commands, we can now turn off the lights, make sure the garage is shut, adjust the temperature, and lots more. As convenient as voice can be, it's not always perfect or reliable.

Developers are now trying to integrate Augmented Reality into smart home controls, as another option to make these devices more functional. Instead of just making it look like your favorite superhero is... Read More »

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