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Google Contacts app joins the dark side for your health and device battery life

Almost any app, whether desktop or mobile, has a dark mode feature these days. Dark mode essentially makes the background of a program a dark gray or blue with the text in contrast.

Google Contacts version 3.2, the latest update, comes with a new dark mode setting. The update may not be on all devices yet. Contacts follows the Google News app redesign in October.

According to Android Authority, Contacts' dark mode will stay on if the user has... Read More »

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How Google Sidebar wants to make you more productive

After Gmail's August update, users saw a few changes to their inboxes. One of the bigger ones was the addition of Google Sidebar.

The Sidebar is similar to the Samsung Edge's ability to swipe for a drawer of your frequently used apps. The sidebar also shows up other Google productivity apps, including Docs, Sheets, and Calendar.

The new right-side panel houses Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks and offers the potential to add other apps. Taking advantage of the apps in Sidebar... Read More »

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Google's new Squoosh web app can help you optimize image file sizes

For Google, the speed at which a web page loads is incredibly important. If its search results start lagging even by fractions of a second, it can create user frustration that could drive them to the competition, and Google also reportedly uses load times to decide how to rank search results to begin with. There are several factors that go into load times, and media optimization (or lack thereof) is high on the list.

To help web developers and site administrators... Read More »

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Google's Project Fi mobile service now gives 24/7 VPN connection for your privacy

While Google's ambition to bring wicked-fast fiber Internet to the masses has faced serious industry machinations, Project Fi has remained robust and generally free of legal challenges. With Fi, Google consolidates T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular coverage into a single service, and users pay $20 for basic calling and texting, then $10 per gigabyte of data. The data that you don't use gets applied to next month's bill.

But mobile carriers are tough to compete against, so Google has sweetened... Read More »

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Facebook fixes privacy glitch that could have exposed your likes and interests

Ever since the 2016 presidential election, Facebook has had a particularly difficult time getting away from bad press, with public Senate hearings, additional security and privacy breaches, and a continual decline in usage among teens and millennials. But amid its reconstruction effort comes some occasionally good news. This time it comes from a cybersecurity firm called Imperva, who recently worked with Facebook to fix a big before it became a problem.

Instead of scrambling after the fact to patch a... Read More »

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Spotify mobile app finally comes to the Apple Watch -- but not entirely

As great as mobile phones are these days, sometimes it's inconvenient to dig them out of your pocket, or to carry them around at all. With a smart watch on your wrist, though, you can text, check your messages and notifications, get directions if your watch has GPS, and quickly check out at a cash register. It can also be really handy for listening to music on the go.

In the three years since the Apple Watch launched, it's seen music... Read More »

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SyncUp Drive app can track your car's location if it's stolen

Not being able to find your car in a parking lot is frustrating. Having your car towed is exasperating. But having your car stolen is terrifying.

Tiashona Sims' vehicle was stolen in Indiana while her two young cousins were still inside. Sims had left her car running while she went into the grocery store. When she came back out, the car was gone, according to News 8.

Sims called 911 and opened the SyncUp Drive app (iOS, Android)... Read More »

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Marvel mobile apps: Your friendly neighborhood guide

When Stan Lee imagined the Fantastic Four in 1961, little did he suspect his creation would bring about a fantastic collection of comic books, movies, and TV shows that would thrill the world more than 50 years later. And beyond the books, films, and TV shows, the mighty Marvel magic has led to a host of mobile apps that highlight the exploits of our favorite superheroes. To celebrate Stan Lee's life and work, I've put together a list of apps... Read More »

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8 best moneymaking apps to earn cash in 2018

You've already spent so much money for your phone, and now you're spending too much money on your phone -- between online and in-app purchases. It's about time you made some of that money back using your phone.

With the following eight moneymaking apps for iOS and Android devices, making money has never been easier. You'll be paid to do quick and easy things like completing surveys, tracking your healthy habits, taking photos, and even buying new items.

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1.... Read More »

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How to turn off Google Maps' invasive location history log

Users are more sensitive to who has access to their data and for what reasons these days than in the past. And as much good as Google does, the company still tracks you.

You can't really use Google Maps (iOS, Android) without location services turned on, but you can delete out your location history and better customize your settings for added privacy.

You can see the log Google keeps of your movements in Google Maps Timeline. When you... Read More »

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