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While smart watches have struggled for wide adoption on the Android side, the Apple Watch has been a hot accessory for iPhone users since its introduction in 2015. With one of these on your wrist, you can track exercise, order food, and pay wirelessly at a cash register, among other things.

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One of the other nice things about the Apple Watch are what the company likes to call "complications." Customarily, these are elements of a watch face that give you different bits of information other than the time, such as the day and date, lunar calendar, and alternate time zones. Apple uses "complication" as a blanket term that covers both traditional watch face functions and app shortcuts.

With the latest updates to WatchOS and iOS, 9to5Mac reports seven new complications for the Infograph face that may not have been intended to get revealed yet: Home, News, Mail, Messages, Maps, Remote, and Phone.

This Series 4-exclusive face (yep, that's a thing) had a long list of optional complications already, but it was missing a number of core functions like calling and texting. The seven new ones indicate that Apple is responding to complaints.

For now, though, these new shortcuts aren't operational. They'll show up in the gallery, but when you add them to the Infograph face, you just get empty zones where they should be.

How well has the Apple Watch been doing?

Apple reported this summer that it had shipped 3.5 million of its watches in Q2, an increase of 30 percent over Q2 2017 -- and that number climbed to 4.7 million for Q3, before the company had even released Series 4. If you guessed that it was the biggest-selling smart watch in the world, you'd be right.

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According to market researcher IDC, interest has been driven by people who want well-rounded devices that can do more than track exercise or stream music while you jog. As such, the Apple Watch is in a prime position, even being able to replace your actual phone in some scenarios.

Upgrading to the LTE version (for which carriers will charge another $15 to $20 a month after taxes and fees) lets you do more things like text, make calls, navigate an area on foot with an onscreen map, and talk to Siri without being anywhere near your actual phone.

Of course, to get that version of the Apple Watch, you need to have at least $500 to burn, plus the monthly wireless carrier fees that could add up to another $200 a year, plus the optional two years of accidental damage coverage for $79. In an age where $1,000 has been normalized as an appropriate price for an iPhone, the combo of the phone and the watch could set you back quite a lot.

On the other hand, Apple's network of retail stores uniquely positions it against its competitors if you need repairs or replacement, and it has a wide variety of display units that you can test and evaluate in person before you buy. So while Apple's pricing may be eye-watering at times, some of that cost goes to supporting these stores and their services.


  • 9to5Mac has discovered seven new app complications for the Infograph watch face available for the Apple Watch Series 4. These are shortcuts to core functions like calling and texting.
  • However, these new shortcuts are not fully operational yet; they can only be viewed in the gallery.

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